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Virginia Tobacco

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A mellow flue cured virginia tobacco flavor 


Contains 6 cartomizers


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    Not my favorite. Good throat hit, little vapor. My husband and I are trying all varieties. This one didn't hit the mark for us, but others did. We won't buy this variety again, but will others.
    Definitely smoky. Strong than the standard tobacco. I like it better. I think the amount of vapor produced depends on the cartridge. Some produce a lot, some only a little. Either way, enjoyable.
    Personally, this is My least favorite of the 3 I have tried so far, My favorites being the nutty blend and the regular tobacco. These have a terrific throat hit, almost too strong for Me! (made Me cough, and as a former pack a day smoker I am not used to coughing from an e-cig!) I would recommend these for anyone who can't get a strong enough hit from an e-cig, just be forewarned, you will not...


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