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Electronic Cigarettes deliver a nicotine infused vapor that closely resembles the smoking experience, without the tar and added toxins produced by combustible tobacco smoke. Our CLASSIC series is designed for ease of use and familiar appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette.
The beginner series is very easy to use. Simply attach a fresh cartomizer to your fully charged battery, then take a puff! When your cartomizer stops producing vapor you simply attach a fresh new cartomizer. The battery tip will blink 10 times to let you know when it needs to be recharged.
You can recharge the battery on any computer USB port with the included USB Charger. The charger LED will shine red when charging and green when charging is complete. You can use a Wall Adapter or Car Adapter for added charging options, or upgrade with a Pure Pack to charge on the go.

Filling tanks

Top Coil

• Unscrew the mouthpiece and hold the tank at a 45º angle

• Insert the bottles needle tip into the tank, avoiding the center

• Fill the tank up to the top fill line

Bottom Coil

• Detach tank from battery and unscrew the base of the tank

• Hold the tank upside down at a 45º angle

• Insert the bottles needle tip into the tank, avoiding the center

• Fill the tank up to the top fill line

Replacing tank atomizer heads

When your tank begins to produce very little vapor, excessively floods, and/or produces a burnt taste, it may be time to change your atomizer head.

• Make sure your tank is empty of e-liquid

• Unscrew and detach the bottom base from the tank

• Unscrew and detach the atomizer head and screw a new on in its place

• Screw the base back into the tank

Fixing a flooded tank

Is your tank gurgling and spitting liquid at you? A flooded tank is caused by liquid flowing faster than the atomizer can handle, usually due to puffing too hard or fast on your ecig, overfilling your tank, or an underpowered or used up atomizer.

• Remove your tank from the battery

• Hold a paper towel or wet wipe to the threaded end of a top coil tank, hold it to the mouthpiece on a bottom coil tank

• Blow air through the tank several times to remove excess liquid

• Wipe down the contacts and mouthpiece before reattaching tank to battery

Tips & Tricks

Clean your contacts

Its a good idea to clean the contacts on your battery and tanks every so often. You can use nearly any wipe or tissue paper for a quick cleaning, but a q-tip with rubbing alcohol will help remove any caked up residue.

Storing your e-cig

It is best to disassemble your ecig and store it in a proper carrying case when not in use. Storing your e-cigarette in your pocket can cause damage to the battery or tank.

Proper Puff

Whit traditional cigarettes, quick and deep inhalation is the key to getting a big cloud of smoke. With E-Cigarettes the exact opposite is true. The key to a big vapor cloud is a slow and steady puff! Inhaling too quickly and deeply can flood your tank and cause unbearable throat hit.

Primer Puff

When using a new tank or atomizer head, or when the liquid is simply not wicking to the atomizer well, you may experience what is calle da "dry burn". To remedy this, take several puffs without activating the acig to get the liquid flowing and prime the atomizer.


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