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Our Classic Tobacco Flavor!

Includes 6 Cartomizers´╗┐


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    There are many different varieties of Pure ecigs. By far, this is the favorite for me and my husband. Pure ecigs seem to be the absolute best of the bunch of ecigarettes. This flavor, in our opinion, is the best by far. You get a good throat hit each time. The cartridge lasts longer than one would think. The life of the battery is also excellent. We have posted reviews on the other flavors.
    I almost forgot to order my refills in time for them to arrive before I ran out... I was nervous that they wouldn't get here in time, since I couldn't afford express shipping. Well I ordered them Tuesday night, it is Thursday morning and my refills got here today! Awesome!! :)
    I needed a replacement for the e-brand I was smoking...(The battery died and the place closed up shop). I went on-line and found this company and brand. Read the reviews..especially the part about the lithium battery and how long it lasts...thought I would give it a try. Ordered the starter kit and I was very pleased with all. The taste is great...and the battery is like the energizer...
    These are great! My second favorite behind the nutty blend. Great throat hit and exhale, just like the real thing, only better!
    I bought the starter pack with the regular case, the charging case was no in stock. The full flavor cartridges are fantastic. Thanks for the product, and the great taste.
    So far I have bought 3 of these small starter kits to give to friends and they are still using them! Two of my friends tried a different brand of electronic cig and did nothing but complain about them. Since I have given them the Pure they have not been happier!
    I love how they have the atomizer built into the cartridge, its genius! I have tried all the flavors so far and all of them are my favorite. There is nothing nasty about any of these!
    I love the new cartridges! They have so much more vapor, and they really do last longer than the old cartridges, they even taste better than the old cartridges. They also seem much more satisfying in my opinion, much more like you're actually smoking but with better taste and no odor.
    Pure is the best ecig. It has the best taste. If you're looking for the best ecig, this is it. Also, they ship fast and send you a confirmation. You will not find that with other ecig companies.
    This was the very first flavor I got. Just ordered 2 new flavors and cant wait to try them!


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