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18650 Battery Case

By EFest

Safely carry two 18650 batteries with you. Carrying loose batteries in your pocket or purse can easily cause a short if it makes contact with any conductive material.


HG2 3000mAH


LG HG2 3000mAH 20A (continuous)


30Q 3000mAH

By Samsung

Samsung 30Q 3000mAH 20A


18650 Silicon Case

By Pure Cigs

Safely store and carry your 18650 batteries!  Keeping loose batteries unprotected in your pocket or purse can cause a short which can become explosive.  Don't be stupid, always keep your batteries in a case.


PVC Battery Wraps

By EFest

Always inspect for cracks and damage to your sleeves and rewrap them as needed to prevent electrical shorts. its a good idea to properly label your battery after it has been rewrapped for identification.


EVOD Battery

By Pure Cigs

Replacement 900mAH EVOD battery


iKiss Battery

By Eleaf

220mAH automatic iKiss battery


VTC5A 2600mAH


18650 Sony US18650VTC5A 2600mAh High Discharge Flat Top



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