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XL Starter Kit

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Designed with the power user in mind, the XL offers more power, longer life between charges, high powered long life XL Cartridges, battery indicator, button lock, and USB Passthrough!

All XL parts are compatible with our other products.

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INCLUDES: 2 - XL Batteries, 1 - USB Cable, 4 - XL Cartridges
Designed with the power user in mind, our newest model pure XL offers the utmost in power and convenience. The manual button controlled 650mAH battery provides about three times the battery life to it's extended life dual coil XL cartridges. The button lock feature allows you to store XL in a purse or pocket without accidental activation, and it is even usable while charging!

All XL parts are compatible with our other products.
XL Battery
Pure XL is driven by an ultra long life 650mAH lithium ion cell that is manually activated by a button for full control over your puffs. The charger is fully self contained and XL's battery requires only a standard Mini USB cable to recharge.
XL Cartridge
We pushed the limits with our 2ohm (lower is better) high powered cartridges, and now we've gone and done it again! Pure XL cartridges hold nearly three times the liquid and are driven by dual atomizer coils for the ultimate vapor!
Battery Indicator
XL's button illuminates during use to indicate the battery's remaining charge level. It will flash red when fully dead. Likewise, the button will illuminate while charging to indicate its charge level.
Button Lock
XL comes with a button lock feature to prevent accidental activation when storing away. Simply click the button three times and it will flash three times to indicate it is locked. Clicking the button three times again will unlock it.
USB Passthrough
XL has a self contained charger. Simply remove the endcap to reveal a usb port to plug in. The battery also functions as a USB passthrough meaning that at any time while charging you can simply press the button and smoke it as normal.
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    This is the best E-cig on the market.It produces the right amount of puff every time.I would recommend this to anyone. Go no further,it's a click away. I would like to see a case made for this so I don't have to dig around in my purse to find it.
    I went down to the gas station and bought a disposable e-cig. It sucked! So I went back and bought a starter kit of a different brand. It was a bit better, but I still wasn't getting a hit like I wanted. I decided to order the Pure XL after doing some research online. I received my XL today. (only took 3 days to get here!!) I plugged it up and took a puff... WOW!! Sooooo much better than this...
    After reading the reviews here I tried it and I realized now why everyone kept saying "throat hit". That is what I was missing and man this thing does it. It also works with my old cartridges which is nice as well. I never do reviews but I felt the need to post here. Take it from someone who wasn't sure.. you cannot beat this for the price... stop thinking, just get it.
    Pure really seems to have the highest standard in e-cigs. And, despite being a bit frustrated at changing their design over a year ago, I must admit that it has been an improvement. The XL is what I've been wanting because it is such a potent "hit". Battery recharges superfast.
    I was so frustrated with other brands that I went for the XL for max throat hit. It is ridiculously powerful! Going for lights next time.
    I have been using the XL for a little over 2 weeks now. I work long hours. So being able to have a battery life to last over 10 hours on one charge is ideal for me. If I do need to charge it ( forgot to over night) I can use the USB on my car stereo.I also like how fast the battery recharges. Another nice thing is being able to charge and use it at the same time. Many other E cig. haven't...
    This little thing packs a huge punch!!! Better get one for yourself at this price!! Lots and lots of strong vapor....but don't take my word for it.....try it for yourself!!
    The advancements keep comeing This one is this one is the best so far and that's all.
    I decided to give the Pure XL a try after much thought, research and comparison. I think that made the best choice. The Pure XL was everything that it was advertised to be. I'd love to see a case and a way to have the end cap attached to the battery. I use the Pure XL with the standard cartridges. Thanks!
    It would be nice if the little end cap was attached to the item somehow. I think i lost it xD


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