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The ELiTE offers more power, longer life between charges, high powered long life XL Cartomizers, battery indicator, button lock, and USB Passthrough! Plus the ELiTE is a variable voltage device allowing you to tune in to your preferred power level.

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    the best puff from over 26 different e-cigs I have tried.. long lasting battery, great design.. one problem... You must pay attention to your cartridges.. some of them do not work at all or the threat is wrong or something just defective, but the ones that work.. pure pleasure!
    Before coming to Pure, I had tried four other starter kits, which were all the small cigs that light up when you puffed on them. None of them had any range...I could not get a 1 1/2 hr. walk in with the dog, with out them dying on me. I ordered my wife a red set of the Pure XL and got myself the black set. Other than an issue with one of the red XL batteries, losing it's ability to charge...
    I have used the pure cig for awaile.the down fall was i needed to know how many puffs i have taken ,and to get a bigger hit when i need it.The elite kit does it all great product .RT
    I've tested a few different kinds and Well... Good Job! I would recommend.
    The button is a little too easy to push, it could be just a little stiffer for my liking. The display is nice to have, but the "puff" counter is really nothing more than a gimmick, it goes up by one every time you push the button, so if it accidentally goes off, your puff count goes up. Each battery seems to last about 8 hours of pretty frequent use, so while I'm using one, I can charge the...


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