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Before coming to Pure, I had tried four other starter kits, which were all the small cigs that light up when you puffed on them. None of them had any range...I could not get a 1 1/2 hr. walk in with the dog, with out them dying on me. I ordered my wife a red set of the Pure XL and got myself the black set. Other than an issue with one of the red XL batteries, losing it's ability to charge after a couple months, I have loved them. I put in a ticket on the dead red XL battery and they are looking into it. Just prior to having the battery issue I ordered myself the Elite starter Kit....and I LOVE it. I like the bigger button, as you do not have to search for it. It does depress easily, but I find I like that too. You just have to remember to use the button lock prior to stowing it in your pocket. The Best feature on the "Elite" is the variable voltage settings. I find as my cartomizer begins to produce less smoke...I can turn up the voltage and still have lots of good smoking left! "The Elite Starter Kit", is the kit that I would recommend for any discerning smoker, whom is looking for the closest thing to the real taste of a cigarette!


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