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I got my starter kit and 6 carts of risque today, vapor production is an A+ although you can tell that the cart is loaded with Propylene Glycol. This is not a complaint by any means, they get the job done and I enjoy them, although I believe Purecigs should look into using A glycerin solution for their carts as opposed to glycol. Has a good throat hit in comparison to blu, although Pure should move in the direction of Johnson Creek smoke juices in regards to flavor. [Editors note: Joseph, the information you've been reading online has mislead you slightly... Propylene glycol is precisely what gives ecigs the 'throat hit' that feels like smoking, while vegetable glycerine gives it more of the visible vapor that you see. Most ecigs have both. Removing PG would give you a visible vapor while feeling like you're just puffing on air, like the other brands you mention. It is precisely why we have more of that throat hit!]


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