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FDA Deeming Regulations 04-30-2014

On April 23, 2014 the FDA published draft deeming regulations of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to the Federal Register (full text). Starting from that date there is a 75 day window for the general public to voice their opinions and concerns on those proposed regulations. The FDA is required by law to read each and every one of those public comments submitted in that time period.


In the short time since then we have seen some people "jump the gun" and start signing silly online petitions to "veto the FDA restrictions on E-Cigarettes". This petition works against our cause as vapers since it is full of factual errors, works outside of the legal process, and spurs complacency in its participants who may feel like they had done their part when it comes time to actually make a difference. There is a formal process in place for all of this, and that petition is equivalent simply shouting loudly in the street rather then entering the building and participating in the civilised debate taking place.


Pure Cigs is the only vendor in Brevard county that is a member of industry trade groups, regularly attends trade conferences including those focused on regulations, that participated in voting for TPSAC (The FDA's Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee) nominees, and that participated in the vapor industry's Washington DC fly-in lobbying effort back in October 2013. We are the industry's only local voice in this region, and rest assured that we will continue fighting for your rights as vapers.


That all being said, our recommendation is to simply WAIT. We will be attending an industry conference focused on these regulations next week in Chicago, where we should gain a better understanding of what we are facing and what actions to take next. We also recommend that if you are not yet a member of CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) that you join now and follow their call-to-action when it is published. It is better to submit a well informed and thought out response to the FDA than to send them a nonsensical and irrelevant knee-jerk response.


We will not push our customers into action until we have a well thought out plan. We all still have plenty of time to think this through. The law also allows an extension to that 75 days which all of us in SFATA will be petitioning the FDA for an extension.


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